Guiding Principles for Implementation of the Postal Act of 2006

These guiding principles are consistent with the intent of Congress that the Postal Service continue to provide reliable universal service at affordable prices, while enhancing its ability to operate in a more businesslike manner and foster growth and innovation in the mailing industry:

1.  Design a modern pricing and regulatory system that:

a. provides flexibility to respond effectively to market and operational conditions, and the needs of all customers.

b. provides incentives for the Postal Service and mailers to operate in a fashion that improves the efficiency of the nation’s postal system.

c. supports the adoption of corporate best practices, such as rational investments in the infrastructure, and the realignment of resources to match the changing needs of customers and mailers, in order to respond to the system’s incentives.

d. promotes honest, economical, efficient management.

e. allows the Postal Service's competitive products to compete fairly in the marketplace.

f. ensures adequate revenues to support the network and set prices that cover cost in a manner required by law.

g. streamlines the pricing and classification process to increase predictability and reduce administrative burdens on all parties.

2.  Have service standards consistent with universal service at reasonable prices that enhance the value of postal services, and reasonably assure customers of delivery reliability and speed through the use of transparent performance measurement systems.

3.  Work together with the Postal Regulatory Commission and stakeholders to provide a high degree of financial transparency by improving the quality of postal data systems through warranted and cost-effective enhancements.



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