PCC Policies & Practices

Because the Postal Consumer Council® is a Postal Service®-sponsored organization, it maintains a set of policies and practices to help local PCCs keep things in order. We’ve assembled basic guidelines here, along with some locally submitted best practices.

These policies are based on the PCC Mission, which is to…

  • Promote, support, and foster close working relationships between the U.S. Postal Service and business mailers.
  • Facilitate information sharing and idea exchange with business mailers about Postal Service products, programs, services, and procedures.
  • Help PCC industry members and their organizations grow and develop professionally through focused educational programs.

All PCC activities and members’ interests in participating in them should be consistent with this mission.

See Publication 286 for more details ›

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PCC® Program Policies and Rules

Keep these documents on hand for quick reference.

PCC Ethics Guidelines

The Postal Customer Council® (PCC) maintains the highest ethical standards. If you have questions about receiving gifts or engaging in outside activities, these guidelines will help you respond appropriately.

  • Guidelines for PCC Charitable Endeavors DOC | RTF

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PCC® Best Practices

Take a look at some best practices other PCCs have developed, or submit your own best practice.

National PCC Day 2011 Videos

To download the spotlight videos on your Windows computer to use  for your next PCC event,  select the video link below with your right mouse button (Mac users hold down on the link) and choose “Save Target As…”

Downloadable DVD

  • Welcome to USPS.com ISO
  • A Glimpse into Marketing and Sales ISO

Watch at Desktop

  • Welcome to USPS.com WMV
  • A Glimpse into Marketing and Sales WMV


  • Mailpiece Design Professional SOP RTF
  • Webinars as an Education Option for PCCs RTF
  • Capital Region Online Seminars Offer Anytime, Anywhere Learning DOC | RTF
  • Central Missouri Business Mail 101 DOC | RTF
  • Central Missouri PCC University DOC | RTF


  • PCC Mentoring Program RTF
  • PCC Mailing List Tips RTF
  • Baltimore PCC Builds Membership through Online Registration RTF
  • Central Ohio PCC Builds Membership through Sponsor Promo Codes RTF
  • Southwest Florida PCC Builds Membership through Monthly Programs RTF
  • Tampa PCC Repositionable Notes RTF


  • List of Best Practices from the 2008 NPF PCC Leadership Workshop DOC | RTF

Submit a Best Practice ›

Help your fellow PCCs learn from your experience—submit a best practice you’ve developed.

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PCC® Advisory Committee Information

The PCC Advisory Committee (PCCAC) functions as an oversight body, providing guidance on Postal Customer Council® (PCC) practices and bringing PCCs together for mutual gain in accomplishing the PCC mission. The committee is comprised of 4 voting postal members and 4 voting industry members. In the event of a tie, Maura Robinson, Vice President, Consumer and Industry Affairs serves as the tiebreaker.

PCC Advisory Committee Charter PDF | RTF

PCCAC Meeting Minutes
Review minutes taken from the quarterly PCCAC meetings.

PCCAC Minutes 11/27/12 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 10/11/12 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 07/25/12 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 06/20/12 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 04/03/12 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 02/16/12 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 02/14/11 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 11/18/10 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 07/27/10 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 04/11/10 RTF
PCCAC Minutes 02/02/10 RTF

Active Advisory Committee members include:

U.S. Postal Service® members:

Sharon Owens
Industry Engagement and Outreach 

Laurie Timmons
Customer Relations Manager
Northeast Area

Tony Williams
District Manager
Northland District 

Richard (Rick) T. Cooper
Managing Counsel, Corporate and Postal Business Law

Industry Members:

Theresa Peterlein
Peterlein Consulting

Naomi Quiram
Director of Print and Mail Services
Gustavus Adolphus College

Lawrence J. Chaido
TransGlobal Consultants, N.A. Ltd.

PCC Support Team:

Pete Allen
Business Customer Events

Wendy Hocking
Industry Engagement Strategy

Lewis Johnson
PCC Network Team Member
Industry Engagement & Outreach

Margaret Pepe
PCC Network Team Member
Industry Engagement & Outreach

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PCC® Management Insights Articles

Electronic communication intended to provide PCCs with information (in the form of an article) about PCC policies or topics of interest to PCC event planners.

FY11 Articles

  • PCC Network Branding (Jan/Feb 2011) RTF
  • U.S. Postal Service®: A Sustainability Leader (Nov/Dec 2010) RTF

FY10 Articles

  • Great Partnerships (Sept/Oct 2010) RTF
  • PCC Meetings and Speakers (July/Aug 2010) RTF
  • Postal Service Field Personnel Support (May/June 2010) RTF
  • 2010 PCC Awards Criteria (March/April 2010) RTF
  • Postal Service Amps up Its Green Cyber Presence (Jan/Feb 2010) RTF
  • Use of Social Media/Networking by PCCs (Nov/Dec 2009) (Nov/Dec 2009) RTF
  • Guidelines for Postal Customer Council Charitable Endeavors (Sept/Oct 2009) RTF

FY09 Articles

  • PCC Professional Certificate Program (August 2009) RTF
  • Use of PCC Logo and other Postal Service Intellectual Property (July 2009) RTF
  • PCC Advisory Committee Responsibilities (June 2009) RTF
  • Planning Your National PCC Day Program (May 2009) RTF
  • PCC Resources (Apr 2009) RTF
  • Key Responsibilities of PCC Postal Co-Chairs (Mar 2009) RTF
  • PCC Access to and Use of Mailing Lists and Other List Data (Feb 2009) RTF
  • PCC Governance Matters (Jan 2009) RTF
  • Meeting and Event Sponsorship Guidelines (Dec 2008) RTF
  • Guidelines for Postal Customer Council Charitable Endeavors (Nov 2008) RTF
  • Fundraising Guidelines (Oct 2008) RTF

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