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    Cranberry harvest

    Cranberry harvest — A Massachusetts cranberry bog holds a bounty of ripe red fruit. During the fall harvest, growers flood bogs, then mechanically churn the water to dislodge cranberries from their low-lying vines. They round up the floating fruit with booms, and convey it to receiving stations for cleaning. Photo by Steve Dunwell.

  • image of Salt evaporation pond Forever stamp

    Salt evaporation ponds

    Salt evaporation ponds — Salt is harvested from seawater in evaporation ponds near San Francisco, California. As natural evaporation occurs, salinity levels increase and the concentrations of algae and other microorganisms in the water change, causing the ponds to take on vivid colors. Photo by Barrie Rokeach.

  • image of Geothermal spring Forever stamp

    Geothermal spring

    At the center of Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, water temperatures reach nearly 190 degrees — too hot to support most life — but along the edges of the pool, bacteria and algae can thrive, as indicated by the colorful pigments and mats they produce. Photo by Jim Wark.

  • image of Skyskraper apartments Forever stamp

    Skyscraper apartments

    Endless rows of balconies and windows dot the Manhattan cityscape. In this detail of a photograph, the camera's telephoto lens compresses the distance between the towers of a high-rise. Photo by Jim Wark.

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U.S. Postal Service 2012 Sustainability Report
Earthscapes: seeing our world in a new way

Photographs taken by NASA satellites and photographers in aircraft.

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